Glyco-Flex 600 mg x 300 tabs

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Glyco-Flex 600 mg x 300 tabs
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Glyco-Flex 600 mg x 300 tabs

Glyco-Flex (Green Lipped Mussel)

By Vetri-Science
Glyco-Flex for dogs is a nutritional supplement to support proper joint and connective tissue functions.* Made from pure freeze-dried perna canaliculus (green-lipped Mussel from New Zealand*. Perna Mussels are a good source of protein, minerals and chondroitin sulfates.

GF is produced by freeze-drying the entire mussel (excluding the shell* of the Perna Mussel from New Zealand. A process called lyophilization removes water from the isolated raw mussel under vacuum and at low temperatures, thereby maintaining the integrity and stability of the ingredients in the organism.

It was discovered while trialling this product that it improves sperm count and motility. Recommended Dosages to affect his 'off label use':


300mg (GF300) AM and PM for small to medium dogs


600mg (GF600) AM and PM for medium to large dogs