Breast Pump for Canines

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Breast Pump for Canines

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Breast Pump with a rubber  seal. Reusable.

These are made from a high quality  syringe. They will last a good long while and have no Latex so they are safe.

Most medium to large size dogs require two sizes as they have teats of varying sizes.

How To Use

You require an airtight seal against the bitch's belly; You may need to trim some hair.

Hold the syring tight against her belly and pull the plunger to suck milk from her teat. This works best with the bitch standing or laying in such a way as to allow gravity to keep the expressed milk in the breast pump.

Milk can be frozen in ice cube trays for later use or used to tube or bottle feed pups.

Make Your Own

You can make your own by using a syringe in the correct diameter for your girl.  Choose a syringe with a rubber O-ring that is designed for giving medications. They last much much longer.

Using a dremel cutting tool cut the syringe tip off flush with the barrel of the syringe.

Sand the cut edge smooth.

Remove the plunger and reinsert into the cut end.

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